Terry Brown

Terry Brown


lived in New Eltham and Started Djing atb the age of 13 doing events for my Football team mainly at the valley club.


Progressed to full mobile DJ when 17 and picked up resident Function venues such as Profiles , Sparrows Farm.


Branched out playing Soul at venues such as SHADES Poll Hill , STATION Welling couple of standin slots in Bexleyheath venus  , and then onto Pirate Radio with Starpoint Radio.


Gave up the music scene when it started to go to heavy house and concentracted on work commitments - Came back to Djing to assist a Mr James O'Reilly at the now legendary Wheatsheaf Monthly event. 


Linked up with Tony Norris at the Soul Funky Bickley Manor All dayer and started to get back on the music scene.


The rest as they say is History . Join us on the next stage of lifes great journey