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SoulBeat Radio is Now live check us out follow the tab on the side to the radio section - Enjoy 

We have launched our radio station now you can listen via many ways and  if your on the move you can download the TuneIn app for Smart phone to listen on the move or in the car 


But we also have a dedicated radio web site 


On internet radios - look under the Jazz section for Soulbeat Radio

Thanks for stopping by. We are SOULBEAT.


Not for profit, just for music,all money goes into a pot to pay for future events, we are a group and need you all to attend to make it work.


For the love of music.


Have a look around and get to know what we do and why we are here . To give us an idea of who's been visiting the SoulBeat Site , you can write in the guestbook.


The SoulBeat Team


This weeks Featured Track is :